Guiding Clients to More Fulfilling Careers & Happier Lives 

Jim's unique experience, training, and gifts mean that he can address both the personal and professional challenges in your life

Looking for a professional to help you navigate the complex issues of your career? I offer the unique benefit of helping solve career issues from four different perspectives: As a coach I know the techniques to keep you focused and motivated.  As a leader of business and non-profit organizations I can provide you with a wealth of insights on career advancement. As a marketing expert I can teach you how to position and "sell" yourself.  And as a psychotherapist, I can help you uncover obstacles and/or interests that are much more likely to surface through insightful questioning and dialogue than in static personality or career testing.  With the multiple, objective perspectives I'll provide for you we will be able to develop creative, actionable, and effective solutions.

When I need help with creative, out-of-the-box solutions, Jim offers suggestions I would never have thought of, or gives me the tools to come up with them on my own

I welcome you to my site. Please visit my blog for dozens of useful strategies and techniques to improve your work and relationships, and greatly enhance satisfaction with your life in general.



Please review the many LinkedIn recommendations I've received, as well as those on this site, which will attest to the many kinds of services I provide, and their value.  

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